hammermanRandy Garbin | Creative Work

This site displays examples of my varied creative endeavors performed for a variety of clients. My multifaceted career includes print design, interactive design, illustration, photography, magazine publishing, and a couple of books as well as many published articles.

I put this site up in about a day. It finally clicked: I badly needed a new site, so rather than agonize for days and weeks over a design direction, I simply loaded the Gantry framework into a Joomla installation, made some minor style tweaks, and got the thing online. I hope you like it. I try to spend most of my time on work for clients.  

I mainly build websites using the Joomla platform, but I also speak Wordpress. I've launched over 30 Joomla sites (and counting). I'm more of a designer than a developer, but anyone who tells you they're expert at both is kidding themselves.  

On many occasions, I've advised young people starting out in this business that it is often better to be a smart designer than a creative designer — meaning simply that great design means nothing if you can't sell it. I do my best not only to create great work, but to give solid reasons for what I've done. 

You will find a lot more of my work at my corporate site, Coffee Cup Media

This site, like my career, is a work in progress.